Color Design

Color coordination ~Color Designing, Color Specification,Color Inspection and paint~for animation project.
As a team, we have a lot of know-how on data coordination with 3DCG and Composite.

We provide color coordination ~Color Designing/Color Specification/Color Inspection/paint~ for animation projects.
As a team, we have a lot of know-how on data integration with 3DCG and compositing

SOFTWARE : RETAS STUDIO PaintMan・TraceMan / Adobe Photoshop


We do 3DCG work with Autodesk 3ds MAX as the main software.
In addition to producing cell-look 3DCG with a high affinity for 2D (drawing), our works using 3DCG with a watercolor touch have received high praise at international film festivals.

MAIN SOFTWARE :  Autodesk 3ds MAX / Adobe After Effects / Shotgun


Perform quality compositing work using Adobe After Effects under an experienced cinematographer.

In addition, we also have special effects staff who specialize in weathering and textures such as food and metal, which are difficult to achieve by blurring or staking out during shooting.

MAIN SOFTWARE : Adobe After Effects ・ Photoshop


Our edit staff is an expert of animation works.
It is equipped with an ISIS5000 high-capacity server dedicated to editing, enabling seamless editing in conjunction with the in-house photography team.

MAIN SOFTWARE : AVID Media Composer ,Adobe Photoshop


We mainly produce animations using 3DCG.
We have a track record of producing short TV series, short movies and various PVs.
Please refer to the WORKS page for past results.