Introduction of DEEN DIGITAL

DEEN DIGITAL was launched in 2018 as a division of Studio Deen integrating 3DCG/Color Design/Composite/Editing departments.

We have been rready to accept orders not only from Studio Dean but also from other companies.

The biggest feature is that all the digital process such as 3DCG/Color Design/Composite/Editing after drawing are located in one place.
That’s why we can take orders not only for each process, but also for the whole process.

In addition, DEEN DIGITAL produces 3DCG animation works.

Based on our extensive experience in the field of animation production over a nymber of years,
We are proud of providing a high overall quality of service with our rich expressive power and high communication skills.

We look forward to working with you.

ADDRESS:4-4-13 Kichijojiminamimcho,Musashino-shi,Tokyo,Japan.
TEL : 0422-35-3307